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Hello! I'm Katie Wardrobe. Join me inside the Midnight Music Community and I'll show you how you can effectively integrate technology into your current music curriculum

  • Take online music tech courses at a time that suits you
  • Discover PRACTICAL and INNOVATIVE lesson ideas for using music tech
  • Get daily support and advice from friendly experts and fellow music teachers 
  • Simple explanations, no tech-speak & "silly" questions are welcomed!
  • Professional development certificates provided for all training

“Your Midnight Music Community is such an inspiration. I just wish I had more time to do all your projects! Keep up the fantastic work you are doing."



The Midnight Music Community is an online space for anytime, anywhere music technology training, lesson ideas, accountability and hand-holding (for those that want it!) especially designed for music educators.


Not just software how-to! These courses teach you software from an education-specific angle and include student project ideas. Courses include iPads, GarageBand, Mixcraft, Sibelius, IWB, Pro Tools, Music Tech for Beginniners, film scoring, video games composing, song writing and more.


Connect with other music teachers just like you. Ask questions, share ideas and solutions to problems. Katie will be in the forums daily to personally answer questions, offer advice and step-by-step assistance.


Receive personalised professional development certificates on completion of all online training. Perfect for professional development record-keeping.


Do you have iPads, Chromebooks, Macs or PCs and you're not sure what to do with them? Discover engaging lesson plans, printable guides and checklists you can use straight away with your students. INCLUDES the 22 iPad Projects For The Music Classroom ebook & videos.


The Music Tech Resource Bank is a growing collection of resources you can use in your lessons: videos for film scoring, notation images for your worksheets, guitar and ukulele chord images, audio samples and remix stems. All legal and appropriate for student use.


New training videos and other resources will be added into the forum regularly. Also coming soon: live Q&A sessions especially for members.

“You have been INCREDIBLY helpful for my Catholic school music classes. You have found innovative and amazing ways to integrate technology into a music curriculum.”

Allie Hamilton - St Francis Central Catholic School, WV, USA

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I’ve always been hopeless with technology - everything always goes wrong 
  • I can’t keep up - technology changes too quickly
  • I’m coming back to teaching after a break and everything has changed!
  • The kids know more than I do
  • I need to incorporate tech but I don’t want to rewrite my entire curriculum
  • I only have limited technology resources and no budget to buy anything else
  • I want to use technology with my students but I want it to be meaningful

You’re not alone! As a music technology in education specialist who has trained hundreds of music teachers just like you. I can honestly say that almost EVERY teacher I’ve met feels the same.

I’m a qualified music teacher who discovered a love for teaching other teachers about music technology almost 10 years ago and I’ve never looked back. I’ve run countless workshops and presented at conferences all over Australia, in NZ and the USA.

All the music teachers I’ve worked with over the years want the same thing:

  • technology explained patiently, in simple terms
  • practical and innovative ideas that work
  • help navigating the overwhelming technology choices 

The Midnight Music Community was designed for music teachers EXACTLY LIKE YOU. 

Become a member now for instant access to training, resources and personalised help.

““You have done a fabulous job setting up something that is clean and easy to navigate and as soon as I logged in I could tell that you "got it". You know what we are hoping to get out of this community. Since I have so many current technology goals this is EXACTLY what I need right now and I am grateful to dive in with the content.”

Janice Cook - Vernon CT, USA

Inside the Midnight Music Community

There are short and long training courses available on a range of topics. Professional development certificates are provided for all training. 

Here's a peek at the Music Tech General Training section.

Other sections include: iPads, GarageBand, Mixcraft, Sibelius, Soundtrap (coming soon), Abelton Live, Interactive Whiteboards, Pro Tools, Audacity, Acid Music Studio and more. 

The Midnight Music Community includes 22 lessons for iPads that use common apps like GarageBand, MadPad Explain Everything (plus a few more!).

Each lesson has a teaching video you can show your students in class, as well as downloadble written instructions, checklists and other resources.

As a member you'll have access to the Music Tech Resource Bank - a growing collection of downloadable resources that you can use in your music tech lessons. 

The Music Tech Resources Bank includes short, student-friendly movies for film scoring, notation images you can use for worksheets, posters and presentations, audio files for remixing and sampling projects and more.


What if I'm a beginner? And a technophobe?? 

Then you will be amongst friends :) The training courses assume no prior knowledge and everything is explained clearly, without "tech-speak" or jargon. I can guarantee that as soon as you join, you'll find activities and lessons that you can use in class the very next day.

I want the focus of my music lessons to be singing and playing, not sitting in front of a computer

I totally agree! My philosophy is that the curriculum comes first and that technology is simply one tool that you an use to teach. That's why the majority of my training courses are project-based. For instance, if song-writing is the aim, you might start by playing known songs and creating cover versions. You could use your tech resources to record the cover songs and then students could compose their own original song in software like GarageBand, Mixcraft or Soundtrap. Technology should weave into the things you are already doing and should enhance an activity or help you teach it in a different way. The training inside the Midnight Music Community takes this approach.

I have iPads/Chromebooks/Macs/PCs/BYOD - will the Midnight Music Community help me?  

Yes! There are lesson ideas and software training for all the different platforms. New materials are added regularly.

I don't have time learn lots of new software and apps

The training inside the Midnight Music Community "cuts to the chase". I've done the hard yards learning the software and apps and devising ways they can be used in music lessons. I love thinking of tech ideas that fit into all those activities that are a normal parts of music education - composing, singing, playing, literacy, history, listening and so on. As a member of the community you will learn just the necessary aspects of the technology to help you run your classes.

Are the courses live? Is there a time limit on access to the training materials?

The courses and training materials are all pre-recorded so you can do your professional learning at a time that suits you - morning, day, night, in your PJs - whatever you like! You can watch part of a video one day and come back the next day to watch the rest. You can also re-watch each one as many times as you like, so it's great if you need a refresher down the track. As a member you get access to ALL courses and materials for as long as your membership is current.

Why on ongoing subscription?

I tried one-off course payments when I first started running online courses back in 2012. It was ok, but there were a couple of problems. Firstly, teachers wanted ONGOING access to the course materials - longer than the 6 months I was able to grant them with the old setup. Secondly, some teachers also wanted to take 2, 3, 4 or sometimes 5 of my courses (I had 3 teachers do a total of 5 courses each and many other do 3 or 4 courses!) and the cost involved in paying for each one separately was mounting up.

With the Midnight Music Community subscription plan, you choose: you can pay for access for as long as you need it and instead of being forced to select just one single course, you are able to access ALL the courses and resources at once. That way you can choose to study what is important to you at any given time.

In the past, access to just ONE online course was around $200 and if you come along to one of my full-day workshops you’ll pay around $180-$300 per teacher. The annual cost of joining the Midnight Music Community for a FULL 12 MONTHS is less than $500 and if you need a more affordable option you can pay by the month. In addition, you get daily access to me - ask questions and share your frustrations and the I'll do my best to solve them for you.

What are the payment options?

There are two payment options. The annual membership is for music teachers that want to save some money by paying the full year up front (purchase order option available or you can pay via credit card). The ongoing monthly membership is for teachers who need a more affordable option (payment by credit card only).

Do you offer a discount for multiple teachers from one school?

Yes - a discounted rate is available for 3 or more teachers from one school. 

Will the price increase over time?

Once you have joined the Midnight Music Community, you will lock in that membership rate for as long as you stay a continuous member. That means that even if the listed price on the website goes up, you will keep paying the same amount.